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Outdoor cooling for terrace, veranda and patio. Commercial and residential application can be cooled in the hot days of summer.
Because large areas of the halls, the cost of air conditioning spray is a fraction of the cost of cooling with freon.
Animal farm
Summercool systems can be used to control temperature, humidity, eliminate bad smell or dust.
Mushroom plant
By installing air conditioning spray to control the moisture automated, providing optimum conditions for maximum production.
Humidification system provides opportunities to provide a greenhouse for vegetables or flowers, the desired level of humidity and temperature.
Piete agro-alimentare
Sistemele noastre nu numai scad temperatura semnificativ, dar prin mentinerea unui grad de umiditate ridicat previn contractarea volumului legumelor si fructelor.
Bad smell elimination
If treatment stations, to the recycling or anywhere hum present, our systems are very efficient.
Wine cellar
By controling the humidity level you can control the wine evaporation.
Dust elimination
Summercool systems are used for eliminating dust from construction sites or concrete plant or mining.
Systems can be used for creating cool areas in parks.
Fog created by spraying water gives a great visual effect, decreasing the temperature around the water fountains.
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